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The Loved Dead and Other Tales


The Loved Dead
and Other Tales

C.M. Eddy, Jr.
Price $16.95
ISBN    9780970169921
Trade Paperback
268 Pages     
     This second collection of C.M. Eddy's works highlights seven of his Weird Tales Magazine creations, together with a variety of his other lesser known tales.
     Story headings from four of these tales are reproduced from the original artwork by Andrew Brosnatch, an artist whose illustrations were showcased on fifteen Weird Tales covers.
     The stories range from Mr. Eddy's first nationally published fiction, "Sign of the Dragon", a detective mystery story to "The Loved Dead", perhaps his most infamous story. This horrific tale of the exploits of a tortured soul's dark descent into unspeakable deeds against his fellow citizens, is told from the protagonist's point of view.
     C.M. Eddy's most prolific period of short story writing was during the years 1919 through 1922 - the time the majority of this collection was produced.
     The original handwritten manuscripts were used for the texts while editing this book. These thirteen tales show the diversity and range that C. M. Eddy, Jr. displayed as an author and storyteller.

Table of Contents

The Loved Dead

With Weapons of Stone

Red Cap of the Mara

An Arbiter of Destiny

The Cur

The Better Choice



Arhl-a of the Caves

The Ghost-Eater

Deaf, Dumb, and Blind

Souls & Heels

Sign of the Dragon